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Hey Donny. Yeah the shorter vaulting on the outer ring ceiling in the McMaster plans has been a really big burr under my saddle for me for a long time. As well the aspect proportions on the upper display frames appears less wide and taller in TOS pics verses McMaster which seems shorter in height and wider. It's really pronounced in that same spot on the Exeter bridge which was done from the McMaster plans like the other bridges. The When I dive in on doing the measurements I want to see if that is a indicator of that area of the bridge is not at the exact radius from bridge center or the frame in McMaster is not tall enough. I'm pretty certain it's one of the two. When I did some acetate traces of the upper display frames and compared it against the drawing I could see they were way off. I've decided to use traces to check everything and more is off than I first thought. Not noticeable otherwise. Another thing I want to address is the curved roll top on the outer consoles being abscent in McMaster. Then the screen sizes on the lower part of the outer ring consoles. One thing I want to lock in off the bat is the radial measurements from bridge center. I've already got the vertical measurements. My main concern if there is any variation in the inner bridge ring distance that would contributing to throwing the consoles and thus the upper display frames further out from bridge center causing the mismatch. Other things like the turbolift alcove dimensions are off, the bevel on the turbolift door frame, main viewscreen depth too deep, profile of the helm is off, etc. Things not easy to see unless side by side shots are used to contrast the difference. My main beef is the dimensions and not so much the window dressing on the bridge. There are some details I think do need to be added such as the screen pattern on the lower screen panels on the outer bridge consoles. In short I just want to go back and tighten all the measurements where they look and feel more in tune with the dimensions of TOS stills.

Matt told me about your work and it looks great. I hope the new version of the software makes it easier for you to get the results you been shooting for.
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