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Re: What should be the minimal requirements for Federation members?

^^ Obviously some Federation members like the Tellarites did their own illegal mining but other than that, can you please provide an example?

Here is another example ("Mirror, Mirror"), that the rule book did not go out of the window:

THARN: We accept that your Federation is benevolent at present, but the future is always in question. Our dilithium crystals represent awesome power. Wrongful use of that power, even to the extent of the taking of one life, would violate our history of total peace. To prevent that, we would die, Captain. As a race, if necessary.
KIRK: I admire your ethics and hope to prove ours.
THARN: The council will meditate further, but do not be hopeful of any change. Captain, you do have the might to force the crystals from us, of course.
KIRK: But we won't. Consider that.

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