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Re: What should be the minimal requirements for Federation members?

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Lots of that sweet, sweet dilithium.
I think that's neither correct or fair. From "Journey to Babel":

Captain's log, Stardate 3842.4. The interplanetary conference will consider the petition of the Coridan planets to be admitted to the Federation. The Coridan system has been claimed by some of the races now aboard our ship as delegates, races who have strong personal reasons for keeping Coridan out of the Federation.

SAREK: Under Federation law, Coridan can be protected and its wealth administered for the benefit of its people. Coridan has nearly unlimited wealth of dilithium crystals, but it is under-populated and unprotected. This invites illegal mining operations.

Essentially, the Coridan planets had asked for protection, not exploitatation.

And in the Tellun star system the Federation had offered mediation between Elas and Troyius. Apparently, unlike the Klingons, the Federation didn't even have a clue that there were deposits of dilithium crystals in that star system.

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