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Re: Janeway's Hair

I voted for the pointy tail in season 3. I liked it better than the bun as the bun was too stiff. I thought the ponytail was a much more relaxed look for her.

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She had so many freakin' hairdo's that I decided to only include the Borg one in the poll because I was curious.
- After watching DS9 I feel like Kira surpasses her on this front. Her hair would change season to season, and even mid season sometimes.

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I mean Jadzia Dax never had her hair in a up do either and neither did Deanna Troi.
- Actually that's not entirely true. Dax had a strange twist updo in The Search. Thankfully that it was so bad they never did that again.

Adm_Hawthorne wrote: View Post
I always thought the short 'do in "Living Witness" was super sexy.
- I forgot about that one.
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