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Re: How strong is a female Vulcan?

...I guess the unavoidable lemma to all this is the relative strength of Vulcans vs. Klingons.

We have never seen Worf display strength beyond that of humans. To the contrary, Riker seems to outdo Worf in certain tasks of lifting and twisting, and physically fights Worf well in "Where Silence Has Lease".

Perhaps Worf doesn't know how to exercise his Klingon musculature properly and therefore is less strong than a Klingon growing in a Klingon culture? But Worf does well against fellow Klingons in bat'leth fighting which involves a lot of arm muscle use. OTOH, he barely manages against Jadzia Dax (unless that's just an act). So it seems that any muscle strength advantage Klingons might hold over humans is minimal, and Vulcans (and Romulans!) would still throw Worf around like a sack of potatoes.

Female Klingons are seen fighting with swords in unisex ritual games (and supposedly with anything from furniture to claws and teeth in sexual games), but whether there is sexual dimorphism there in "reality", we don't know. It doesn't look as if any of the female Klingon characters would be weaker than the corresponding males of the episodes, regardless of species.

Timo Saloniemi
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