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Re: Harlan Ellison's Acclaimed Star Trek Script Comes to Comics

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I hope IDW does a 'lost/alternate movie' range, adapting early drafts or discarded stories.

e.g. Trek I Planet of the Titans, Trek II Roddenberrys JFK, Trek VI Bennetts Starfleet Academy, Trek VII Yesterdays Enterprise The Movie, Trek VIII Borg in the Renaissance, Trek IX Heart of Darkness. Trek XI Spiner/Logan Crossover Nemesis sequel or Bermans The Beginning trilogy
There isn't a "Trek VII Yesterdays Enterprise The Movie" script. Rick Berman said later that, in retrospect, that story could have worked for a generations crossover. I'm not sure I really agree with him; I'm not sure the best way to introduce Star Trek: The Next Generation to film is with an alternate timeline version of Picard's crew.

The alternate path on Generations was Maurice Hurley's script, which had Picard consulting with a holodeck Kirk when the Federation was attacked by an enemy from outside normal space.

As for the rest of your list, don't forget Roddenberry's "The God-Thing" and the Eddie Murphy Star Trek IV. There's also Walter Koenig's pitch for Star Trek VI, "In Flanders Fields." And some of the early developmental scripts for Star Trek II would be interesting.
Oh I'd love a series like this, movies that never were.
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