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Re: The Spiritual Successor of Star Trek

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It doesn't. They'll never return to the "Prime timeline."
Funny thing about predictions. If you wait enough, they almost always turn out wrong.

I never would have predicted they'd make a movie about Transformers, let alone Battleship, and now they are actually going to do a Jem and the Holograms movie. With dreck like that being developed, and some of it inexplicably becoming huge hits, why discount reviving the prime timeline? It wouldn't probably be produced in a 90s Berman style, but it could be in the same canonical space.

They're even giving Glen Larson big bucks to exec produce a reboot of BSG, and it will probably turn out more like the 70s show than the Moore version. That's something I doubt anyone expected would happen.

Just be ready to eat your words, even though I don't necessarily expect this to happen in the near future.

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It's not clear that anyone involved with Trek in the 1960s was even aware of DW's existence.
Oh, really?
The question is not about Star Trek will ever come back to TV again. But When it will happen. And the word of "When" in here has no limit. 50 years later? So can you wait for that long? or we should seek alternative? If the studio is allergic to create a new Star Trek series, you can only hope for something new.
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