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It does however, need to be taken with a large handful of salt, given the time it was made, when female characters were always behind men, there as basically eye-candy or damsels in distress, and when the miniskirt was a sign of women's liberation. All things that should've been corrected in NuTrek but unfortunately aren't.
Sometimes it's irresistible to take shots at the way TOS shows women because it should know better. A lot of the times the portrayals are just plain funny.

I have a theory that NUTrek is intentionally making fun of the miniskirt idea and exploiting it at the same time. It does look hot the way it is designed, especially as a dress uniform.

I think they're saying 'what's wrong with a sexy uniform design?'.

Here's another gem from TOS;

Sulu: Keep back! Stop or I'll shoot! I don't want to have to kill a woman!.
Technically what he says is right, but at the same time it sounds so not-right.

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