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Re: Is the Holodeck Evil?

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Back to the evilness (or not) of Holodecks...I think it can be argued that while there might not be an evility to them, there could be a evilness to their use...consider: within huge parameters, every aspect a world is yours to bring it to life, and when your duty shift comes around, you cease its existence...your desire, your input, your expectation is that of perfection and real life...battle, training, sex, music, intrigue and everything in between is, in your mind, "real" no way am I suggesting that the people, places and things in the 'deck are real...but I am absolutely saying that, to us, the Creators, it is, relative to our existence...we experience life relative to not "life" in a sumptuous holosuite also relative...ergo, creating a reality that you can experience with every sense you have is a form of reality that, when you utter, "Computer,
End Program", ceases to be...
Ever play Grand Theft Auto or Skyrim? Those games take place in very detailed worlds populated by hundreds (if not thousands) of artificial people. Should a player suffer an existential crisis every time they turn their game console off?

Moriarty and The Doctor are special cases. Moriarty was the result of a poorly-worded request to the computer that (credibility regarding computer safeguards aside) basically turned Moriarty into the computer. The Doctor, we are told repeatedly, has a program that is so mind-bogglingly complex that it takes one of the most advanced computers in all of Starfleet to run a single copy of it. I doubt your average holodeck character approaches that kind of complexity.
Thanks, Coop, and I do take your point (and enjoy both your and 'Frakes's posts very much)... doubtlessly poorly worded post was not meant to go to an Existential place at all, though when I read your words it kinda does point was, looking at the whole of the Holodeck and the Creation within from a Relative we, the Creators view and expect the 'Deck to be and act...and, more simply, a version of the old adage, ..."if it looks like a Targ and smells like a Targ..." ...well, I am sure you get the picture...
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