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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Antedeans.
B is for Balok. Tranya anyone?
C is for Cardassians.
D is for Disruptors. They were popular with just about everyone but Star Fleet.
E is for Edosian slugs.
F is for Fesarius. Flagship of the First Federation.
G is for Gorn uniforms. Minimal, and kind of shiny.
H is for Horta Eggs. Careful not to break them.
I is for Iridium patch that Spock slapped on Kirk's shoulder in STVI. How could anyone miss that? Here, let me stick this piece of black duct tape on the back of your red suit jacket. And see how long before anybody notices it.
J is for Jack Crusher. Not the luckiest guy.
K is for Kodos the Executioner, the notorious and brutal Governor of the Federation colony on planet Tarsus IV and the man responsible for ordering the great massacre of 2246.
L is for Lokai, for whom, along with his mirror image protagonist, apparently no one ever advised "Can't we all just get along"!!!!
M is for Ensign Travis Mayweather, for whom, at least to this observer, many more interesting tales could have been engagingly told!!
N is for Noel. Dr Helen Noel. I'd crawl through AC vents with her anytime. As long as she goes first.
O is for Odo, shapeshifting constable and chief law enforcement officer of first Terok Nor and then the renamed Deep Space 9.
P is for Phasers. Star Fleet's answer to the Disruptor.
Q is for Quantum theory.
R is for Robert April. First Captain of the Enterprise, NCC-1701.
S is for Steamrunner-class Federation starships of the late 24th century.
T is for T'Pau. She rocked.
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