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Re: How strong is a female Vulcan?

I still think Kasidy's statement about Vulcans' strength still holds pretty well. First because it's canon, not simply conjecture, and second because it can be accepted at face value. Sisko quickly agreed to the sentiment, who wrestled a Vulcan and then spent the next 20 years reading about how Vulcans were superior to humans. He himself also told the Niners earlier in the episode that Vulcans were " ...stronger and faster than any one of us - except for Worf."

Using this as a basis, I'm going to speculate that a Vulcan to a human is roughly the equivalent of an adult human of say 25 years old to your average pre-pubescent 9-10 year old. (yes there is probably a wide margin of error here, but generally speaking I can see it taking three nine year olds to take down a reasonably fit young person.) Put that same nine-year old against a young woman of the same age and fitness level and the young woman would still have the advantage in both strength and speed. It may take only two nine year olds of decent strength, (though nothing in canon says that the women are any weaker) but regardless, she would still have the advantage.
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