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Re: Transporters Vs. Hovercars

Timo wrote: View Post
It is not even certain that civilian transporters (or civilian USE of transporters) can beam to random locations outside of their counterpart stations.
For the record, the original question did not touch upon Star Trek transporters at all
The sign on the door says "Trek Tech." I think maybe you're confused.

Sisko beamed directly to the family's living room
Sisko was an academy cadet in the 24th century. That wouldn't be a civilian transporter, nor would it be possible for its 23rd century counterparts.

No, it's not - it doesn't move, so it's not a vehicle.
It does if it teleports ITSELF when it moves from place to place.

But why would you sit inside a teleportation machine?
Because sitting OUTSIDE of it would look suspicious.

Even in Star Trek, none of the above is remotely true. A suspect fleeing in a hovercar is as good as caught already: he can be beamed out of the car, or the entire car can be beamed to custody. Hell, spacecraft can be captured by transporter easily enough!
Starfleet can (sometimes) do that, yes. Not because they have transporters, but because they have advanced technical and combat training and some of the most sophisticated sensor equipment the Federation has ever produced.

And yet, Starfleet still uses shuttlecraft...

It's an expression among others: "real" as in "true to the definition"
The OP mentioned "transporters" not "teleporters."

We're discussing Star Trek transporters, which -- while also impossible -- have certain built-in limitations in the context of their fictional universe. This entire discussion is pretty meaningless without taking those constraints into account
You certainly aren't doing a good job at that, believing that a hovercar can escape a transporter in the Trek universe...
Shuttlecraft manage to evade Starfleet (and everyone else, for that matter) on a surprisingly regular basis. Why would a hovercar not be able to evade a civilian transporter operator who lacks Starfleet training, experience, advanced sensors and specialized equipment?

It's like saying that cars can't escape from the police because of Predator Drones.

Indeed, there doesn't seem to be a single Trek (TNG) constraint you would have pointed out so far that would make vehicles or both/and the preferable choice.
You DO realize that starships are vehicles, right?
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