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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

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We don't tend to have much pinned in this forum, so I think that we can get away with having one of these introductory threads. If you're a regular poster or visitor here, or a recently arrived newbie, then take a moment to post in here, and give us a few words telling us which characters/actors and aspects of TNG are your favourites to discuss.

I will start us off ... I like to think of myself as fairly flexible in my TNG viewing, but have come to have a slight preference for the more character driven stories in recent years. I also like finding good qualities in some of the more often critisised episodes ("Justice", "Shades Of Gray", "Sub Rosa" etc ...).

While I consider Picard and Data to be the best written characters, Riker is nonetheless my favourite, with Q my favourite guest star.

I like to amuse myself by disturbing people with Picard/Q pictures like this one.

Anyone else?
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