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Re: Imagine the Enterprise, over again!

Thanks guys.

sojourner wrote: View Post
Hmmm, I'll have to think abit. I would be more inclined to go "clean sheet" and not tie myself to saucers, nacelles, or any of that stuff. My first inclination would be to go for something based a little more on current thinking regarding possible future tech. The tough part would be to make something iconic like the TOS design that separates it from the crowd of current day sci/fi ships.
True, clean sheet is what would actually happen if this was really happening. I was hoping we could come up with something almost totally different, but when someone were to see it, they'd be like "is that Star Trek?"

Patrickivan wrote: View Post
I think it's hard to get those Trek iconic images out of my head when thinking about it. But we could also use the design principles when the ship model design was commissioned. There should be guidelines.

Since it was your idea, how about pretending you're Gene, and give some things you don't want to see (other than what we have already)? I'm going to sketch some ideas at work. Lots of little sketches LOL. Wait, did I say at work? I mean at work.

Ha, I'd never do anything like that at work either. What else am I going to do while I wait for the servers to do what I told them?

Good idea... his original thing was no rockets, and no flying saucers, right? I'd say I don't want anything that looks too NASA, or anything biological. Lots of surface detail, but not junked up like Star Wars.

I'll be back with some more stuff later.

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