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Re: Braga: "Archer was supposed to be Future Guy"

The only way it could work to my mind, is Mirror Universe Archer. He was fixated with Prime Archer for his endless list of achievements. Having somehow survived being poisoned, and in trying to investigate the interphase space looking for more future tech like the Defiant... he winds up on the other side, trapped even further ahead in the 28th Century. Using covert time travel, he seeks to undermine any events that lead to Federation and eventually one day be able to do more than influence their past through communication. Go there when it's destabilised enough and set up his own Terran Empire.

Or something...

I personally can't believe it of the series' lead and heroic character (even if he has flaws to overcome like bigotry toward Vulcans, and occasional bouts of 'ends justifies the means', if the stakes are high enough). What would be his motive for inflicting the Cabal on the Suliban and Tandaran societies? Because we know Future Guy was responsible for handing out advanced tech and genetic alterations, supposedly far ahead of 22nd Century capabilities. Just doesn't sound like the kind of thing Jonathan Archer would do. Especially if he's much older and wiser after helping to form the Federation. Then there'd be countless missions that influenced the creation of a non interference policy while exploring etc.
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