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Re: So what would you want to see in a TNG-R?

What I'd like…

• Widescreen (impossible, I know)
• High definition (obviously)
• More/new model shots
• More "damage" to the models
• New effects shots (would have to be re-done, anyway)
• Season 1 & 2 having a full orchestra for the incidental music (to be in keeping with the other seasons)

My point about the music would be so easy to do. You just take any of the musical cues from later seasons and dub them over. They are all fairly interchangable (no disrespect to the composer intended). Hey presto: episodes that are far more exciting and dramatic!

As for widescreen, maybe it could be made semi-widescreen (14:9 ratio)? If they took the original full 35mm frame it was filmed in (1:1.37 aspect ratio), and sliced 5% off the top and 5% off the bottom, you would end up with 14:9.
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