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Re: Niners Unite...around Babylon 5! - The Lost Threads

Mal said:
PKTrekGirl said:
Mal said:
Neroon said:
It fits in so many phases of life, even the online ones.
speaking of which, where is Vash?
Did you seriously think I was gone?

No...I've been here all along. I was actually wondering why you never contacted me when you got back. Assuming you are who I think you are.
wow. happy days

you know what they say:

I believe that when we leave a place, part of it goes with us and part of us remains. Go anywhere in the station, when it is quiet, and just listen. After a while, you will hear the echoes of all our conversations, every thought and word we've exchanged. Long after we are gone, our voices will linger in these walls for as long as this place remains.

But I will admit, that the part of me that was away, very much missed the part of you that had stayed.
Why thank you very much!

We had alot of good times back in the day. Glad you are back (well, I guess you've been back for months, but you know what I mean ).

We need to catch up! It's been a while! Like what? 3 or 4 years??? Hard to believe!
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