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Re: The Doctor Who primer

V'ger said: The Doctor, in order to bring an end to the war, presumabely destroyed both Gallifrey and the Dalek fleet, an incident which also caused him to regenerate into the Ninth Doctor

Is there anything canonical that says the Time War was responsible for the 8th Doctor's regeneration into the 9th?

I don't recall that particular regeneration being dealt with at all. I always wondered why. Do TPTB just think it's not important (I can't imagine why they would), or do they have something big planned that's yet to come?

I mean, it's the only regeneration we've never seen. There must be a reason why. What is it?

(I mean, even if Paul McGann refused to do a regen scene, they could get around that, like the 6th>7th scene in "Time and the Rani" where Sylvester McCoy just wore a Colin Baker wig!)
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