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Re: The Spiritual Successor of Star Trek

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what is Dallas? What is Weyland-Yutani show?
Well, as USS Triumphant indicates, "Dallas" was a long-running serialized show about a family running an oil business, most notably featuring an evil sadistic member of the family known as J. R. Ewing. Perhaps it's known as "Southfork" outside North America.

I find it rather incredible that you intentionally borrow concepts from Alien and Prometheus, yet have no idea what Weyland-Yutani is.
Well, just like I said that I just like the ship design and how they portrait the Alien Race there. I'm not a hard fan of Alien franchise. So I don't bother to research their universe. Plus, Weyland-Yutani is not an exploration company. They are a mega corporation with multi business. While my idea is a bit more of a company who focus on space exploration business. It's more of a privateer than a "Dallas" in space.

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