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Re: A gay character and other potential ST3 tidbits

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Where are you getting a gay character out of this quote? Just the "implying the sexuality" thing? That doesn't necessarily mean that someone is gay.
good observation. There aren't just two sexual orientations.
implying the sexuality could mean bisexuality or pansexuality too or even asexuality.

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The sexuality issue could've been about Spock.
though, the vibe I get is that JJ is talking about secondary characters that didn't get any character development so far. In fact, the interview asked if Spock/Uhura were supposed to be the only ones that got screentime and if the writers had ideas for the others too. And JJ said they did but they have too many characters to develop in a small time.
I think he was talking about Sulu, Chekov, Scotty and McCoy.
Anyone but Kirk and Spock who are the protagonists and thus get plenty of screentime already.

A lot of questions about Vulcan sexuality can be explored because of the growing relationship between Spock and Uhura.

Are Vulcans sexual creatures? That is, do Vulcans have sexual feelings towards someone? Pon farr itself may just be an incredible urge to mate for procreation, not a desire to express sexual feelings for the pleasure of it. Bear in mind Vulcans seem a bit embarrassed by pon farr and the feelings it unleashes.

To a Vulcan, can sex be solely for the pleasure of sex? Is it logical? Sex is one of the ultimate emotional experiences. For humans, it can be an essential part of a relationship. But would engaging in it purely for the fun of it and both the emotional bond and release it creates be contradictory to Vulcan stoicism? Do Vulcans even have a libido to be satisfied?
It's logical because it's biology
(and vulcans are adept about finding excuses for themselves... see the whole 'vulcans don't lie' whatever guys )
we do know that pon farr isn't the only time they mate or can mate, it just is the time they have to do it.
Pon farr is itself a reminder of the true nature of the vulcans because let's not forget that to their core they're actually far more emotional and passionate than the humans.
Why you think they are so scared to have emotions?
Why should the vulcans need to be so obsessed about control while humans can be emotional creatures without the need to seek control to that level?
Because vulcans have more powerful emotions than us, in fact their society and race was almost destroyed because of that, until a dude called Surak decided that the best solution for their race was the mastery of control of their emotions and embracing logic...but even then some groups disagreed and thought that the best way to not let their emotions destroy them was embracing them instead. ( E.g., the romulans and people like Spock's brother)
“The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. Resist it, and your soul grows sick with longing for the things it has forbidden to itself, with desire for what its monstrous laws have made monstrous and unlawful.” - Oscar Wilde

Might have a point

In a way, it could be actually interesting to see how the destruction of their home planet in the reboot affected their race as a whole and might have altered their philosophy a bit too.
The comics had put some hints about it so far. Like the vulcans that seek revenge after what happened to their planet or those who reverted back to pre-surak state because they couldn't endure the grief and the loss of their planet and loved ones. It's implied for example that the vulcans are starting to realize that they can't be stuck to some of their traditions anymore (like the way they deal with pon farr itself and the arranged bonds things). The loss of their planet was something too big and nothing they could be prepared to face. It's the ultimate test for their race and that might just show their biggest vulnerability and that control isn't enough.

The way I see it, vulcans love and hate with more passion than us. They're just good at hiding it in public and maintain a facade.
as for Spock, due to his human/vulcan heritage it's quite possible, in reality, that he has vulcan feelings but his control is predominantly human (and thus weaker) and that's what makes it even harder for him than the other vulcans.

however, it seems to me that he's almost more vulcan 'in character' with Uhura than with the others. He's like more peaceful with her and seems to find a balance between his control and the need to embrace his emotions. This might be due to the fact that they're already a couple and when they're together, in private, he's allowed to express his feelings with her and to her in a way he isn't with others so the rest of the time and when they are with the others he's able to behave

I would think that those questions have to be answered before the relationship between Spock and Uhura can advance beyond simply stealing kisses and caring for each other.
didn't the official comics show them naked in his bed at one point? ...

I don't think that the movies need to show the same thing in order to make me understand that there is a certain level of intimacy between the two that goes beyond a kiss.
Knowing Spock and the vulcans, things like the way he put his face in the space between her neck and shoulder in that hug or him placing his hand a bit too close to her butt on that transport pad, lol, speak volumes and suggest me that this man is familiar with this woman and her body and he's both used to her touch and to touch her.
Subtle and effective IMO
Spock: I apologize, Captain, but the complexities of human pranks escape me.
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