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Re: Race & Spider-Man: Sony Confirms a Glass Ceiling for Miles Morales

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Also, didn't Andrew Garfield recently say that it would be cool if Miles Morales replaced him as Spider-Man.

As he's also said he probably doesn't wanna be playing the role post-40. Seen as he's 31 in a few months, and if Sony really want to make a big franchise out of Spider-Man ala the MCU have done, then it's a good idea. Otherwise they'll have to reboot it all yet again in a few years.
That could actually work in the movies if they want a cohesive, Garfield Spiderman universe. Let Parker grow up in this one, become a teacher and have Morales be his student.

Introduce him a movie or two before you kill off Garfield's Parker and let the audience warm up to him as Parker's protegé who is then inspired by Peter Parker's story and heroism to take up the mantle once the original Spiderman is killed in action.

It would make for a great story and i'd like to see that for both story potential and to see other races represented as heroes.
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