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Re: The "Bride" of the "M'Ress Appreciation Thread"

Hey Bill, borrowed this from your post. Hope I got it right. This was a little bit of humor over Bill's M'Ress being replaced by Ptrope's version. All ment in the spirit of fun...

Redfern wrote: (elsewhere; and very well)

Upon hearing the news, Kioki K'Tee is crushed.

"What?! Someone else is getting the part?! Let me guess, she's a 'friend' of the producer! No, you're right. I shouldn't just assume that. It's me, isn't it? they found out about those films I did, didn't they?

"Look; I was broke! Waiting tables wasn't enough to pay the rent! I didn't 'perform', if you know what I mean. They were just a few 'topless' scenes. Besides, my fur hides 'everything'.

"You're right; you're right. They'll be other auditions. I understand they want to team the Doctor with Novice Hame as his new time traveling companion. The original actress doesn't want to wear the make-up again; I should be a 'shoe in'! you think I'll look good in a habit?"

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