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The "Bride" of the "M'Ress Appreciation Thread"

Wha...?! Am I suggesting something about the Caitian comm' officer's personal life? Hmm, that would probably prove popular in some cicrles, but that might be more appropriate for this site's adult forum. Nah, this is merely a sequel to my earlier thread "Post your M'Ress Masterpieces". that thread seems to have been the victim of a general culling due to age and activity (or lack thereof). Fortunately, the art forum's moderator, Ptrope, stated he would permit me to start another. Keeping it more in the spirit of Trek, maybe I should have titled it, "The Appreciation Thread II: the Wrath of M'Ress".

Anyway, as before, the theme is simple. I invite fans to post their artwork relating to M'Ress or even Caitians in general. The material can be drawn, painted, sculpted, rendered, whatever. It can be dramatic, humorous, futuristic, contemporary, historic...well, you get the idea.

I'll start with a couple of pieces some of you have seen, but hopefully will be new to other people's eyes.

This was a portrait I made for a fan site providing some on-line fan novels focusing upon M'Ress. The background came for a Corel clip art disk, but the figure itself I drew from scratch. At the time when I did this, I did not have a decent photo editing suite like PaintShop or PhotoShop. I matted the figure onto the background by using, would you believe it, a 3D modeling and rendering program, TrueSpace.

This more recent effort demonstrates just how versatile the 3D meshes from can be. The base figure is an Anime inspired character named Aiko. Using a variety of morphs, props and textures, I was able to transform the Manga type figure into the anthropomorphic felinoid Caitian comm' officer. She even possesses elongated canines though you can't see them in this specific render.

Now, who'd like to share their art?


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