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Re: A gay character and other potential ST3 tidbits

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^Why can't you just accept that Chekov was a very smart boy taken in early to the Academy who did very well and was assigned to the Enterprise like all of the other cadets as a sink-or swim measure?
I can accept that, although I can't accept him being promoted to chief engineer after only a year as an ensign...

I think the more important issue is probably that while he may have the same name, he isn't actually the same person as the prime timeline since he is the product of a different sperm and ovum. Of course, one could say the same thing about every other character born after Nero's appearance as well but in Chekov's case it's a definite. Either Pavel Prime doesn't exist or in this reality, Chekov really has a brother. The latter would be a nice twist actually.

As an aside, since this Chekov is a different person, his sexuality is entirely up for grabs.
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