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Re: A gay character and other potential ST3 tidbits

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“But when you have a movie that’s two hours long, and a group of over half a dozen critical characters demanding attention, it’s hard to find time for all the nuances you want. There was [an idea] implying the sexuality of one of the characters, a back story for another character that was pretty intense, a really funny story we wanted to do with yet another. Hopefully, if there are future films, those other stories will get their moment.”
JJ Abrams didn't expand upon a character who might have a different orientation than all our straight characters? Can't say I'm not surprised given how he thought it was more important to have a build up and pay off to seeing Carol Marcus undress in front of Kirk for no reason. And when he tried to defend this decision by saying Kirk was in his underwear too (Even though the said scene was focused on two half naked alien women and not him) and how he shot a scene of Khan taking a shower (Which he cut out of the movie), I guess you could say he had his priorities straight.
Jeyl, do you suppose you could participate in a discussion of this article—here, now, in this thread—and not do your old trick of simply repeating harangues already made in previous threads (e.g.: last year's Carol Marcus thread)? Seriously, it's boring, it's not contributing to the conversation, and besides, you've been asked before to refrain from doing that.
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