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Re: Deputy PM says Russia aims to end ISS participation in 2020

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Sorry that you're disappointed by the inability of the GOP to gin up a real scandal or any substantial misconduct to build their campaigns on. I'm sure it seemed like an easy idea from the other side, given how consumed the Nixon, Reagan and Dubya administrations were by such things.
No one is to blame in this. Politicians on both sides have always supported the ISS for the jobs aspect. The fact of the matter is the downturn of the economy AND the so-called "War on Terrorism" (including the Iraq and Afghanistan ventures), took the focus away from the ISS and other related projects. And even though I would like to criticize Pres. Obama for adding additional expenditures (i.e. "Obamacare"), he is simply doing what every other politician is doing: he's prioritizing what the constituents want. And if 51 percent of the electorate wants government assistance at this time, then guess which budgets are going to be cut in favor of a larger welfare budget? Yeah, that.

As for the Russian matter: everyone seems to forget that Putin has his own agenda, irregardless of what American politicians want. He hated the fact that the Soviet Union collapsed, and that the Russian sphere of influence has lessened. And based upon what I've been reading about "Fearless Leader", Putin is dead set on screwing with the United States in order to hide the fact that the Russian economy is in the toilet. So, what do you do in order play to your base? Go nationalistic. Besides, at the very least, what's going on in Eastern Europe should serve as a wake-up call to all politicians on the importance of not being so interlocked with other nations to such a degree that the US can't maintain its own objectives free of foreign influence.

Ergo, both the Bush and Obama Administrations are to blame for this, IMO.
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