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Re: Dwight Schultz On Conservative Talk

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I got the impression that mainstream science fiction got more and more conservative in recent years. In the previous decades, science fiction stories were further "out there", but now I read stuff like "Earth needs to be in danger so audiences can relate", etc... Just look at the conceptual differences between original Battlestar Galactica and the reboot, for example.

Same thing happened with Trek. No money, utopian society, etc... All that got reduced more and more to the point where Uhura orders Budweiser in a bar. At some point in Trek, future humans were supposed to appear alien to us in the audience. But now it's a trend to make things look like nothing will change in 300 years, and that the only difference is the technology, but not the state of society.
I don't know that I would call that conservative, so much as unimaginative or overly cautious. It's easy to deride conservatives as that, but those who call themselves conservative would do it with a mind of what they are intending to conserve; there are values they have in mind. But whereas Star Trek was full of values, the action-adventure JJ-trek doesn't really have them. You can wring some out -- the importance of friendship, maybe -- but you could wring the same meager offerings out of any movie.
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