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Re: 51% of Americans don't accept the Big Bang theory

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I'm not making a philosophical or theological argument here.
Well, I was making one. Math describes the patterns in the universe. If the universe were different, math would be different as well.
Metryq is pointing out, correctly, that math does not always ACCURATELY describe patterns in the universe, and in many cases it merely approximates it. The universe is what it is, and the underlying mathematics of theoretical physics is merely an attempt to describe it.

You can write programs that put basic logic, laws of nature, causality, whatever upside down and back to front. So for any "being" inside that program, the programmed universe would work according to that weird logic. So if those beings were to describe how their universe worked, they would come up with a different math.
And again, they might come up with a different math just by virtue of BEING WRONG. There is a difference between a mathematical description of reality and reality itself.
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