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Re: The War Doctor Returns in a New Novel

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So does 9 fall for Rose because she looks like a weapon that can destroy a galaxy?
Perhaps on a subconscious level. If the Doctor can't remember "doing the right thing," it's unlikely that he consciously remembers the Moment's avatar. But he might subconsciously feel some familiarity with Rose, never quite knowing why she's familiar.

I've wondered if the Moment "made" Rose for precisely that reason, molding her to be someone the post-Moment Doctor would feel comfortable with to help him move on toward healing. But then we're into Sam Jones territory.

(To explain that last reference -- Sam Jones was the eighth Doctor's companion in the BBC novels. It turns out she was engineered to be the Doctor's perfect companion. RTD's first series of the new series might've done something similar with Rose had Paul Abbott's "Pompeii" not fallen through.)
didn't the moment first identify itself as bad wolf, before stating it was in the form of rose Tyler?? If that's the case, it makes one wonder if the sentient moment is not somehow linked to the hyper persona of the bad wolf, since the bad wolf exists across all time and space, and the moment is or has access to all of time and space as would almost seem that the two could very well be the same thing or the moment being a time lord manipulated aspect of the bad wolf. I often surmise that Billie Piper could easily make recurring comebacks in the form of the bad wolf as cameos on the show under the guise of bad wolf, not to mention her link psychically to the TARDIS from the events at the end of season 1.. wouldn't it be ironic if roses persona as the bad wolf, is the genetic template that gives rise to the doctors TARDIS producing an offspring called compassion, tho different in origin to the comic version..interesting possibilities there, if Moffat wanted to dip his toe in that to speak

incidentally, speaking of a pond I'd like to dip my big toe in, I wonder if they will somehow bring Karen back for a stint with Capaldi??
Was it not the other way around? The moment introduced itself as Rose Tyler but then said in this form known as Bad Wolf?
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