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Re: Regeneration question...

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So I just wanted to make one thing clear the Borg in this episode were the ones Picard dealt with in First Contact right?

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So why didn't Picard scan the surface before he left and see that there were still Borg down there?
Why didn't the borg just go back to when humans just started evolving and whipe them out them? You can go round and round and round...

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I remember him saying he didn't want to contaminate the timeline, but didn't he do just that?
The standard "don't contaminate the timeline" line in Star Trek...

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The episode implied that Picard through a paradox set the wheels in motion for the Borg attack right?
No, that was Q. Picard was simply reacting to events at the Battle of Wolf 359.

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Can anyone explain why Picard would leave Borg down on the surface before returning to his time?
You can make up any excuse you want. The one that I think might be plausable is that the explosion of the Borg Sphere happened just as they "showed up" in 2063. Picard had a little more on his plate than worrying about some debris. For all we know, These Borgsicles didn't land in the great white north for some time. As we saw in Enteprise, the debris wasn't covered with much ice and snow it was just located in a region that didn't get much attention.
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