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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

Was I ready? Sort of. This rewatch is no longer a rewatch. After Equinox part 1 it became just a Watch. The entire reason I started this was I never watched seasons 6 and 7 originally. I only know a little about those two seasons. Vaguely the plot of Unimatrix Zero (one of the reasons I've taken so long getting round to this), since coming to this board I've accidentally picked up the vague plot of the finale, and finally the Borg Children. A concept that, like Unimatrix Zero, had put me off, but time had removed them from my memory. Soon as I saw them it triggered some recollection, and I was sad to see I was right.

Spirit Folk
Urgh, a holodeck episode, and another where holodeck characters earn a sense of what they really are. Though an intriguing spin in that they work out what the crew are instead, but don't make the final leap and just decide on time travel. I honestly could have done without this episode. Except for more confirmation that Janeway is sating her urges in the holodeck.

Ashes to Ashes
This is a lot more like it. This felt like a proper Star Trek episode. And Harry's luck with women keeps on going. I get the impression this was meant to be the same crew member as Latent Image. Honestly, right up to her and Harry walking us through how she died I thought it was. I knew it was a different actor because I recognised Kim Rhodes from Supernatural, who was pretty cute fifteen years ago. And the alien make up was cool, but that halfway stage was rather horrific.
The one thing that bugged me was how everyone was reacting to her being an alien. People stop and stare because she was speaking a different language. Ignoring that the Universal Translator didn't kick in for dramatic effect, it can't be that odd on a Federation starship. I get they're used to her being human, but I think too much was made of her not being, at least from the crew side. Be'lanna obviously didn't care and found it kinda cool, and Harry eventually came round, but only after some interesting choice in words about it, and being pretty derogatory about her new race in general. Dude, no wonder she ran off. I get that the decision to leave was more about how Lyndsay felt about the ship than how they felt about her, and I don't fault that, but a speech from someone less biased then Harry about how none of them care and she was welcome as a human or a Kobali would have been nice.
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