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Re: Deep Space Nine Caption Contest 93: Garak. Plain, Simple, Garak.

Thanks for the wins!

Garak: It really doesn't matter Doctor, with those ears, Quark will hear our conversation even if we have it in the Gamma Quadrant.

Garak: I find this hand to hand combat really quite distasteful!

Dukat: Yeah, me too. Little help?

Bashir: Bashir, Julian Bashir.

Computer: Cheat code accepted. All objects and characters in this program will now bend to your will.

Bashir: Garak, get lost.

Garak: Where are we going?

Ziyal: Well, based on this storyline, Law & Order SVU.

Rusot, Damar and Garak: (singing) How can there be any sin in sincere? Where is the good in goodbye?

Kira: Right here. Good bye. One to beam up.

(Kira beams out)
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