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Re: The War Doctor Returns in a New Novel

Starkers wrote: View Post
No. Much as I adore Karen, Amy's story is told, and Karen has moved on.Not to mention Amy without Rory would never feel right.
I'd be more interested in seeing Rory without Amy than Amy without Rory.

Allyn Gibson wrote: View Post
I've wondered if the Moment "made" Rose for precisely that reason, molding her to be someone the post-Moment Doctor would feel comfortable with to help him move on toward healing. But then we're into Sam Jones territory.

(To explain that last reference -- Sam Jones was the eighth Doctor's companion in the BBC novels. It turns out she was engineered to be the Doctor's perfect companion. RTD's first series of the new series might've done something similar with Rose had Paul Abbott's "Pompeii" not fallen through.)
IIRC, wasn't that the prevailing theory about Clara for a while?
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