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Re: Recruitment threadsfor playing Trek games on-l

The Antares Sector, a lawless region on the border of Federation space, pirates and cutthroats dominate occupied almost the entire sector. For one hundred years the Antares Sector has been a highly disputed area of space to which every major power in the Alpha, Beta and Gamma Quadrant claims to be there own. Only one power has a true claim in that space. Which power remains a mystery. After a hundred years of conflict in the year 2385 Starfleet has decided to try to solve the mystery by ordering the formation of a new fleet based out of the Beta Antares Shipyards under the command of Commodore Kathryn Quach.

The fleetís sole purpose will be to travel into the southern Antares sector to restore order and seek to find information about the region of space, which has remained mostly unexplored. That fleet was made up of some of Starfleetís top Captains and best minds in varying fields and has been codenamed: Valiant Operations.

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