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Re: Race & Spider-Man: Sony Confirms a Glass Ceiling for Miles Morales

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^Well, the 'whole universe' thing seems unlikely, given that Kingpin and Ben Urich appeared in the Daredevil film (Fox owned that character at the time, IIRC).
If I recall, the Kingpin character had some special contract issues that allowed his IP to be shared, similar to how both Marvel and FOX are using Quicksilver in their upcoming films. This is due to Kingpin's appearance in multiple media, not just Spider-Man. It's possible that Sony might have access to Kingpin.

EDIT: Did a Google, and it turns out Sony does indeed own Kingpin, and allowed him to appear in FOX's Daredevil as a "loan".

During an interview with Avi Arad, Arad stated that the rights to the Kingpin were on "loan" to FOX for the Daredevil movie and now they have returned to Sony. So, apparently, film rights can go on "loan" to other studios. This bypasses some problems that might show up with the legal issues of using the characters. Put the rights to the character on loan.
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