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Re: Race & Spider-Man: Sony Confirms a Glass Ceiling for Miles Morales

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I would like to think that their reasoning is much the same as that which dictates that we won't get Jean-Paul Valley as Batman; namely that to the general public Peter Parker IS Spider-man or Bruce Wayne IS Batman and that (as far as the studios are concerned anyway) most people have no real interest in another character assuming that mantle.
Considering Ben Reilly it probably is this.

TDKR ended with another character assuming Batman's mantle (though he hasn't gotten a spin-off movie and presumably won't, given that Ben Affleck is now Batman/Wayne).
Which doesn't make this a good example.

Didn't Marvel already say they would recast characters when needed, so that doesn't sound like they are planing on legacy characters, especially since by the time they would conceivably do this it will have been awhile since Rhodes and Barnes had their brief stints.

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Mind you that was only created last December...
And from some fan speculation is that it's not likely to last too much longer.
But then again, this would be in the movie universe, so there doesn't have to be any real connectivity with the comics books at all other than the use of both characters.
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