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Re: Fridge horror for The Apple

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And I didn't have a name for it, but small planet syndrome is a peeve of mine. It happens whenever we're dealing with pre-industrial natives. In "Errand of Mercy" and "Friday's Child," village elders are treated like planetary rulers and preposterously given the right to decide things they do not understand.
Well, I wouldn't go that far. Pre-industrial doesn't mean stupid. Besides, we give Congress the right to decide things they don't understand, whenever scientific issues come up for a vote.

And what was it exactly that the Teers of the Ten Tribes of Capella were incapable of understanding? The Federation's agreement with them was for the rights to mine ore in their territory. Anyone beyond the Stone Age can understand that. Presumably they negotiated with that particular population because they had the land where the topaline mines were.
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