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Re: "...all 72 torpedoes are still in their tubes."

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I think how they got 72 people out of each torpedo in 5 minutes in a battle situation (transporters were not working) is a MUCH larger hole than how Reliant forgot a planet. Maybe remnants of Ceti Alpha big enough to be mistaken for a planet were still orbiting the sun.
Completely agree. I chalked it up to a scientific error, like the fact that although they had visited that system before (obviously the Enterprise did) they might not have had an outpost near there, so all of data was through sensors, telescopes, and all of that. I mean, even today, we can detect exoplanets based on radiation fluctuations, but that doesn't mean we know everything about those systems.

But the bigger issue for me is the sheer number of torpedoes the plot uses as it's MacGuffin, and (staring from before the movie proper actually begins) who has them, why they have them, what they will do with them, etc. Oddly enough, the issue of the torpedoes connects directly into other issues. For example, why did Khan go to Kronos? I have no idea, and the movie doens't tell us. The answer to this question is connected to anotehr question that the film doesn't tell us? How long were Khan and Marcus working together, and how far did they get? Did Khan go to Kronos becuase, even after Marcus exploited him and his crew, he still agreed (for whatever reason) with the notion that STarfleet should be militarized and that S31 should start a pre-emptive strike with the Klingons? I mean, Khan could have gone anywhere, so it stands to reason he picke dKronos for a reason, and that this reason had to do with Marcus' desire to fight the Klingons? And that also brings to light of what Marcus was going to once he started the war. How would he fight it with one ship?

But the fact that there are so many torpedoes accentuates all these other plot problems, but is unweildy unto itself. The ship was being torn apart and people were flying out of the hull at warp but every torpedo of these seventy two survived? Really?
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