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Could his "downward spiral" merely be a ploy to keep Watson from moving out?
I don't see how. She doesn't know about the bag of heroin he hid in the book, and she didn't see him retrieve it.
You're making the assumption that retrieving the heroin is the only thing he does.
No, I'm doing the exact opposite of assuming: I'm limiting myself to the available evidence. The only actions we saw him take in the episode suggesting the "downward spiral" we're talking about were actions that he took in Watson's absence, viz, retrieving the heroin packet and going to MI-6 (although, as I've said, the latter may in fact have had just the opposite intent). Therefore, there is no evidence currently available to us which would suggest it's in any way a performance -- and we will be given no more evidence until the season premiere in several months. And as a fellow named S. Holmes once said, it is a capital mistake to theorize in advance of the facts.
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