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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

Someone scoffed at Cho a while back (Hank Pym?), submitting that that ranking was assigned while a few supergeniuses, himself included, were off planet.

Magneto "helped" build Cerebro.

I assumed the Illuminati was about being a leader of a significant portion of the Earth, or even a significant portion of the superhman community/posthuman community or even first line of defence against foreign assaults. No government is even noticing Alien invasions, Zod forbid successfully countering them, so why should any world leader have a voice in the Earth's external diplomatic position?

Are the Illuminati the true leaders of the world?

Stark = Human industry/commerce = humans, Richards = Superhumans/posthumans)

Blackbolt and Namor don't bring much to the table intellectually? Seriously if anyone else showed up to one of these meetings in their underwear, they'd be sectioned into a psychward.

Sure Atlantean and Inhuman tech is a hell of a lot more advanced then human tech, but they didn't invent it and I doubtthey have more thana rudimentary understanding of it like you or I could change a fuse.

Blackbolt, Namor and Black Panther are Kings, meanwhile Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme. Strange speaks for Earth extradimensionally and makes decisions on extradimensional matters. Strange could decide to surrender and Earth would be stuck with that.

Xavier was kinda king of the mutants, if you didn't notice that he spent most of his time getting picked on by the 90 percent of the other mutants. Meanwhile Magneto was briefly president of 16 million mutants, until an unfortunate Sentinel strike... But then technically, if he got his shit together Namor could prop himself up as a proud mutant leader and see if he could handle two crowns?

Not that fishboy seems to be any good at keep just the one sitting on his brow where it belongs.

Why have there been no consequences of Namor surrendering to Thanos in the recent Invasion?

Atlantis = New France.
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