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Re: Star Trek 3: The Edge of Forever

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I don't see how they could reboot "City..." because then, any Abramsverse crew who travelled to the 30's would run into the ones from the prime timeline.
If they hid from the Prime crew in 1986 San Francisco, hunting whales, who's to say they didn't do the same in the 30s? Several times? It makes it all the more creepy, the Prime crew think they were alone with Edith Keeler, yet there are a shipfull of Kirks looking for whales in the wrong decade, several O'Briens trying to figure out where Sisko went, three Quarks that went to the wrong Roswell, leaving the real one for Izzie, and Annorax who went several quadrants too far to erase Voyager. And they are all watching them.
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