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Re: Race & Spider-Man: Sony Confirms a Glass Ceiling for Miles Morales

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How about a rebooted Spidey series where Parker Parker (as an already well-known Spider-Man, ie: no origin story needed) dies very early on in the first film and inspires the newly powered Morales to take up the mantle? ...Or I can see that back-firing if fans rage against being tricked into seeing a Spidey movie "where he's barely in it".
No, all that they have to do is have the same accident happen to Miles (who's an employee of Peter's new company Parker Enterprises), have Peter realize this fact, team up with Miles later on, fight alongside him, and then die, passing the torch. Just like what happened in the recent Zorro movies.

What would be even better is if at the same time, May Parker also decides to help out and be Spider-Girl, with both becoming a duo and fighting crime in New York (along with Arana, the other Spider-Girl.)
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