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Star Trek 3: The Edge of Forever

I doubt that the third film will have anything at all to do with a reboot of 'City'....but that little blurb about consequences of choosing one course of action or another, etc, got me to thinking.

Would a new version of 'City', feature-length, work if it were done right?

Being that these new movies are set in an altered timeline, it would open up the possibility for Kirk to save Edith in some way....perhaps even bring her back with him to the 23rd century. Then there are the Nazis to consider if she were saved and left in her time....possibly precursors to the Empire, a la the mirror universe.

Seems like there would be a lot of possibilities for an interesting story with a wide appeal and not just for Trek fans.

Your thoughts?

Who would you cast for the role of Edith Keeler?
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