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Now fleet ship weapon i am on the wall about, i am not seeing any that offer anything other that a slightly higher DPS, i have normal very rare weapons but they are doing 60% crit damage, but i cant seem to find any fleet weapons that offer similar, unless i am looking in the wrong place.
Fleet, lockbox and reputation faction weapons are better because they have one additional effect (or proc) over normal very rare weapons' 3 effects. They may not have certain effects such as [CrtD] or [CrtH], but it is this 4th effect that makes them "better" than normal very rare weapons.

For advanced fleet weapons, that 4th effect is either [Acc] or [Dmg]. For federation elite fleet weapons, it is always a shield heal proc. Conversely, klingon elite fleet weapons have a shield damage proc. And for the various reputation faction weapons, cryptic has eventually settled on some kind of additional bonus damage against its faction (tholian/voth/undine).

And it is for this reason that Spiral Wave Disruptors are considered the best weapon in the game, even better than fleet weapons. Simply because they have 5 effects.
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