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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

Hickman's Avengers has got me wondering about the hypocrisies of competing genocides.

Hank brought the Original X-Men forward to mirror Old Scott about how far off-path he had become, while telling the kids it was to stop a genocide.

Black-Kettle syndrome much?

I wonder what Young Hanks thoughts on the Illuminati might be?

Meanwhile, why is McCoy even sitting at the table for the Mutants?

Sure he was Xaviers choice, but realistically Scott or Magneto deserve it as passionate men of integrity (Murdering sociopath, but true to their own value systems) who lead mutant kiind, while Hank was just the suckbut teachers pet who brownnosed his way into the group over Chucks dead body. He's not even principle of the School so how can he be considered leader of Mutant Kind?

Beast has always been clever, but is it possible that Chuck had been using his Infinity Gem like a mind steroid to super inflate his intellect past his original god given potentials?
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