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Re: The origin of Dr. McCoy's origin

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1. McCoys ex-wife's name: Jocelyn.
As stated above, that was coined by Vonda N. McIntyre in Enterprise: The First Adventure. Before that, Joe Haldeman named her Honey in Planet of Judgment (at least, I think it was her name rather than a term of endearment). And in the recent Abramsverse comics, McCoy's ex was named Pamela Branch.

2. McCoy's daughter's name.
The name Joanna was coined by D.C. Fontana in the second-season edition of the TOS writers' bible, and in her original script for the episode that became "The Way to Eden."

Gold Key's comics gave McCoy's daughter the name Barbara instead.

3. The fact that Jocelyn cheated on him and then they got divorced.
The idea of McCoy being divorced with a daughter was DeForest Kelley's own suggestion when Fontana asked him if he had a character backstory in mind. The specifics of why they broke up and who cheated have varied from telling to telling. Haldeman was the first to write about the divorce, and in his version, it doesn't seem as if either of them cheated; Honey left him because he hardly paid any attention to her and they were both unhappy. It was implied that there was another man in Honey's life, but the specifics were not established.

4. The idea that McCoy left on the Republic as one if his first assignments.
I believe that was from Shadows on the Sun.
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