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Re: THE WOLVERINE - Reviews and Discussion Thread

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I guess most of them have to do with contradictions made in Origins Wolverine and First Class, since those are "prequels" to the traditional three.
Then it's strange to say that there are "Plenty in just the first three films to begin with". I took that to mean errors arising from just those films taken in isolation.

JarodRussell wrote:
First thing that comes to mind is Patrick Stewart walking in Wolverine Origins when James McAvoy got paralyzed already in First Class.

In X-Men, Xavier is confused how Magneto can shield himself from Cerebro, but in First Class, he sees the helmet and knows what it can do.

There's probably a lot more.
Those are problems created by First Class.

tighr wrote:
-Sabertooth appearing as both Wolverine's half-brother, and as an unrelated mutant (i.e., a much more in depth difference than simply an actor change).
Since Tyler Mane's Sabretooth was never established as not being Wolverine's half-brother, this isn't really a contradiction. His appearance is obviously quite different, but there could be various ways to explain this. Basically "a mutant did it".

tighr wrote:
-Emma Frost
Never called Emma Frost in the film.

tighr wrote:
-Wolverine having memories of Japan in the 40s, despite losing his memories in Origins (and having them mostly lost throughout X/X2/X3). Maybe he's been regenerating them, not really explained.
Well, we know that Xavier had been helping him to some extent in that area.
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