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The origin of Dr. McCoy's origin

In both Howard Weinstein's Better Man And Michael Jan Freidman's Shadow of the Sun Dr. McCoy' background is explored. In fact, the two versions are quite similar.

In each story McCoy's wife Jocelyn cheats on him and then he serves on the Republic. However if I remember correctly they differ on who gets custody of Joanna.

I'm curious is any one knows where the different elements of the stories originated. For example, I know that McCoy's daughter was at one point going to be featured in the TOS TV show and was actually mentioned in an episode of TAS. But does anyone know who came up with the following ideas?

1. McCoys ex-wife's name: Jocelyn.
2. McCoy's daughter's name.
3. The fact that Jocelyn cheated on him and then they got divorced.
4. The idea that McCoy left on the Republic as one if his first assignments.
5. Any other interesting details.

By the way, did Howard Weinstein an Michael Jan Freidman's 2 stories have similar elements by coincidence or did one inspire the other?

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