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Niners Unite...around Babylon 5! - The Lost Threads

Every few days, a new starliner arrives from Earth, Mars or some damn place. Among the passengers are always some who have never been in space before... and they'll stand at a porthole, looking out at the infinite horizon... at the intersection of what's known and what's not... and comment on how cold and dark it is in space. They're wrong. When I look out into space, into the sea of stars... I see a billion times a billion lights, each calling out to someone: "Remember me, my child." Each of them whispering to someone, "Come home."

-Capt. Lochley, "Voices In the Dark"
Quotes have long been a staple of B5 and DS9 fandoms. You get thoughtful, funny, quizzical... everything. So it seemed a go place to start with the new thread.

Have at it. What are some of your faves?
"The greatest tales are always over far too soon for those who truly appreciate them."
- Jef Murray
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