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Niners Unite...around Babylon 5! - The Lost Threads

Every few days, a new starliner arrives from Earth, Mars or some damn place. Among the passengers are always some who have never been in space before... and they'll stand at a porthole, looking out at the infinite horizon... at the intersection of what's known and what's not... and comment on how cold and dark it is in space. They're wrong. When I look out into space, into the sea of stars... I see a billion times a billion lights, each calling out to someone: "Remember me, my child." Each of them whispering to someone, "Come home."

-Capt. Lochley, "Voices In the Dark"
Quotes have long been a staple of B5 and DS9 fandoms. You get thoughtful, funny, quizzical... everything. So it seemed a go place to start with the new thread.

Have at it. What are some of your faves?
"The greatest tales are always over far too soon, for those who appreciate them." -
- Jef Murray -
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