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Re: Will you be getting a PS4 or an Xbox One ?

Owain Taggart wrote: View Post
Now see, here's what I'm wondering in all this. The mandatory Kinect meant a 10% overhead in the overall processing. That had to account for some of the sacrifices they've made to things like framerate and general performance, and I wonder if now they'll tweak things to reallocate that 10% where it's really needed. The Kinect is like a resource-intensive antivirus program, always in background, and I think anybody who's tried to game in the past with one of them knows what I'm talking about.
MS is already talking to publishers about these available 10% power and how to utilize them, they've noticed.

JarodRussell wrote: View Post
The Kinect is far better suited for other, non-game applications anyways.

Kinect input simply makes no proper sense for game controls. That's why there hasn't been a "killer app" for it.
Because you need the controls to work perfectly 99.9% in a non-perfect environment (i.e. standard living room).. Kinect doesn't.
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